A New Way to Report Spam on Google My Business

Google has developed a new solution for reporting fraudulent activity on Google My Business listing and Maps.

Users can now submit a complaint form when they come across a fraudulent activity on GMB listing or maps.

Google will be reviewed the complaints submitted through this form in accordance with guidelines for representing businesses on Google Maps.

With this new solution all set, Google has decided to close the spam board on Google My Business forums.

Google Ads Updates Mobile Speed Score for Landing Pages

Google Ads mobile speed score update enables the tool to generate a score on the advertising console without as many ads clicks having occurred as were previously required.

This update means that more of your pages will display speed scores.

Likely, this change also means scores will be generated faster when launching ads that point to newly published landing pages.


Google was not specific about how many ad clicks are now required to generate a mobile speed score.

Mobile speed score is evaluated on a 10-point scale, 1 being very slow and 10 being extremely fast.

Calculating factors that go into mobile speed score include the page speed and potential conversion rate.

Google Ads introduced the mobile speed score in July 2018. This is the first major change in how the score is calculated since it launched.

Google offers other tools to evaluate mobile page speed include the Speed Scorecard, which compares mobile speed against competitors, and the Impact Calculator also estimates the potential revenue lost as a result of having a slow mobile site.